Good Bye India

Eleven months have come to an end and it is time to prepare for departure. On December 3rd 2011, 16 participants from 13 different countries graduated from the International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (IISE). Now we are ready to go back to our home countries and make dreams become true.

The stay in India was a unique learning experience for me. Interaction with friends from all over the world, an intensive training programme and a beautiful environment were very condusive for the development of dreams and concrete plans. Discussions while swimming in the lake were part of the daily routine as well as creative sessions and long hours work on business plans. The opportunity to share ideas and experiences with fellow participants and catalysts opened up my horizon and showed me many different perspectives on life.

On one hand I stayed eleven months in India, but on the other hand I know very little about the country. Though most of the staff is Indian, the campus is more an international community. I also noticed that Kerala is a very special part of India with a high level of education and a high standard of living in general. People are very friendly and helpful. It is very safe to walk on the street because the crime rate is low, the only risk is the traffic which does not follow any rules.

I enjoyed Indian food, especially the big variety of vegetarian dishes, spicy vegetables and of course the fresh fruit that grows in this tropical region. The kitchen staff on campus took great care of us and prepared nice food.

The stay in IISE inspired me a lot and I learned many useful skills to start my own project. The project ideas changed several times, now I go back to Germany for some time and get myself organized for the next steps. Of course I keep you posted about my development and the next stop on my journey. Thank you to all the readers who followed me through the Indian experience and I hope you join me on the adventure beyond IISE.

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