Exploring India – From Kerala to Meghalaya

Vellayani in the rain, I leave the Kanthari campus in the afternoon on my way to Bangalore and then Shillong in the Northeast of India. The first challenge is to find the right bus stop in Trivandrum where to catch my bus to Bangalore. As always, communication is not so easy, but at the end I find the place and start the journey. I have a comfortable place, the only problem is that I slide down my seat every time the bus slows down because I cannot put my feet on the ground. After more than seven hours the bus finally stops. I have some food, but When I want to pay they just ask me where I am from and don’t take my money. The bus keeps going all in all more than 17 hours, the rest of the journey without any stops.

Once I get down the bus in Bangalore, there are immediately three rickshaw drivers around me: “‘where are you going?” – I don’t know where I am going, I am just hungry! So finally they take me to a stand at the road side to have breakfast, a rice pancake with coconut jutney and tea.

In Bangalore I make several new friends. First I get home made lunch, later some typical snacks, then I am taken around the city and we sit in the park to chat and relax. Not to forget the motorbike ride in the traffic jam and the trip by metro with two very worried girls who try their best to help me around. The day ends with a Rajastani dinner on a roof terrasse. So much food!!!

the day after we travel to Guwahati by plane. There, we have a great meeting with an applicant who traveled more than 24 hours by train just to meet us for an interview. The car ride to shillong takes about three hours, mostly up the hill. It is an adventurous trip and I am happy that I cannot see the narrow street with all the trucks we pass on our way. We are happy when we finally reach Shillong and Bethany society. More about our stay in Shillong will follow soon.

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