The Ups and Downs of Burocracy

The 24th of august, 2013 was a historic moment for Bats in Action. A small group of friends gathered for the official founding meeting of the new organization. The weeks before, I worked on the statutes for Bats in Action and tried to figure out all the steps required for registration of an association. It is quite difficult to understandb urocracy even in my own country, it was even more challenging in Brazil. I was lucky to get help from some friends who have experience with work in NGOs. They gave me valuable advice on what to do and what not to do.

After the founding meeting, the statutes had to be registered with an office and I had to apply for a tax ID. Until here, everything went well. The problem came up when I tried to apply for official authorization for the NGO to operate in the city of Sobral. I was requested to provide prove of registration of the building where the organization will be operating. At this point, I found out that the house I have been living in for the last six months is not registered with the local authorities. Officially, my address does not exist. As documents about the building are absolutely necessary for getting the authorization, I am now looking for a new home for me and Bats in Action. An alternative would be to register in a room provided by the city government. This option needs to be checked very carefully now to avoid losing more time and money.

Without my friends in Sobral, Fortaleza and other states of Brazil, I would not have come so far. I am sure, together we will overcome these burocratic hurdles and realize our dream to empower blind people in Northeastern Brazil.

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