Christmas Wishes

Today I want to wish all the readers of this blog a merry Christmas. Wherever in the world you celebrate Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate it at all, I wish you wonderful days with your family and friends. May you have a happy, successful and exciting year 2014 ahead.
I thank all of you for following me on this journey from Europe to India and then to Brazil. The last year was full of small success stories as well as various challenges. I have been able to find a place in Northeastern Brazil and reach out to blind children and young people. Some of them have been able to make steps towards independence, others are still held back by fear or negative attitudes. I found a lot of great friends who helped me to make my dream a reality, but I also found obstacles, especially concerning burocracy, which we need to overcome in 2014.

A presentation in HeideckI am spending the last days of the year in Germany to see my family and to inform friends back home about my work in Brazil. So I have been able to make a presentation in my home town Heideck and show photos about my life and work in Sobral and surroundings.

I also had the chance to visit
Anderes Sehen e.V.
an association in Germany working in order to support mobility and inclusion of blind children here, a great opportunity to share ideas and learn about the situation of blind children in my home country.

I want to thank my family and friends who supported me during the last year in many different ways. Without them, Bats in Action would not be growing and blind people in and around Sobral wouldn’t get the support they need to develop into active and independent people.

You find the German Bats in Action Christmas newsletter

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