A Special Student

bruno anja e mariIn addition to my work with blind children and youth in the new classroom, I am often out for visits and sometimes for classes outside the normal school setting. One of my special students is Bruno. He went blind in prison some years ago and now he is living in a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts. I met him earlier this year when he had just arrived in the rehabilitation centre and since then I have been visiting him regularly. The centre is located in the hills and it is a green and quiet place with a lot of people who are eager to make a change in their lives. Every day spent there is a great experience for me.

First of all, I got a white cane for Bruno and he is now able to move independently in the house and surroundings. Of course, there is still a lot to explore around the house, but it has been raining a lot, so mobility classes have to wait a little. We are now concentrating on Braille. As I am able to visit only from time to time, I am passing on some basics to Bruno’s colleagues who are very interested to know more about Braille. With a Braille alphabet and some specific learning material they should be able to revise the letters with him and check if he remembers correctly. I am impressed by the interest and determination of Bruno and his friends and I am curious to see his progress until the next class.

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