New Year – New Plans

Since January 2nd I am back in Brazil. and I am looking forward to a year full of activitis to realize the dream of independence and education for blind people.

Construction Material Once returned to Brazil, we finally moved into the new Bats in Action headquarters in Ubajara. The small house has been renovated and offers space for the first Bats while we prepare for construction of a building with dorms and a classroom. Thanks to the support from friends in Germany, first materials could already be provided and the start of construction work is planned to start next week. At the same time fundraising efforts go on in order to secure the necessary ressources for the building project.

wiliany antoniza anja exploring the surrounding At the moment, three beneficiaries and a volunteer stay with me. One of them is a six-year-old girl who spends the week in the project and goes home during weekends. She studies in regular school during afternoons, but in the morning she has time to play and to learn blindness skills such as Braille and independent movement. During her first week in Ubajara, she has already made friends and the contact with a blind girl is a great learning opportunity for the children in the community. Two blind women stay in the project in order to gain skills and confidence for an independent life. Others are waiting to join once we have sufficient space. Students from the region will have the chance to come to school daily following the model of the classroom in Sobral.

At the same time, classes in Sobral continue. Holidays have just ended and we are organizing activities in the classroom. for about 10 students. Though I spend most of the time in Ubajara, I give regular support to the teacher in Sobral through visits and lanning sessions. Unfortunately, my visa has not been granted yet, so I need to return to Germany in February, hopefully already with a positive response to my visa aplication.

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