New Bats Flying In Ubajara

Our students and friends leaving the house for an excursion As most of construction work has been completed for the moment, we are now focusing on mobilization of old and new students. For the ones already involved in the project, we are designing a more regular curriculum which includes blindness skills as Braille, computer tecnology and mobility training as well as formal education, especially in the areas of Portuguese, English and maths. In the morning, smaller kids will learn to read and write Braille, catch up with regular school content and learn through play and hands-on activities such as. In the afternoon, youths and young adults have time to practice skills they need for their studies and revise contents which they could not learn in regular school.

Throuhout the day, all students have many opportunities to gain independence in movement and daily activities in the house. In the evenings and on weekends there is room for discussion and sessions for experience sharing.

Walk with new studentsIn addition to the “old” bats, we are trying to involve new students. A teenager has just joined us last week and we visited three more potential students who are looking for ways to participate in the project. As they live in the region, they will join us during the day, once or several days per week, and go home in the evenings.

Thanks to the support of our friends in Europe, we have been able to remove the old roof from our house which was made of a harful material. Now, with the new roof, the house seems much bigger and more comfortable for our students.

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