Running Bats

adriano com medalhaIn cooperation with a sports project for people with disabilities of the University in Sobral, our students have the opportunity to participate in physical education. Once a week, teenagers and young adults practice swimming and other sports. Participants of the project are mainly students of the classroom in Sobral together with our teacher Adriana. Two of the older students from Ubajara go to Sobral once a week to take part in the activities. This is a good way for them to improve their mobility skills and interact with their friends.

On May 2nd, five Bats participated in an inclusive running competition in the state capital Fortaleza. The experience of succeeding in a competition and reaching the set goal was a big boost for their self confidence. They also enhanced their independence while traveling without their parents or care takers.

Sports is an important tool for physical fitness, social interaction and self confidence development and I am thankful to the sports project of the university in Sobral for the cooperation with Bats in Action. I am looking forward to more successful competitions ahead. Now, our bats learn not only to fly, but also to run and to swim.

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