Second Summer Camp for the Blind

Mothers with their blind kidsOn June 27th, a meeting for blind students and their families took place in Ubajara. It was a moment for parents of blind children and teenagers to share their experiences and kids had a fun time with games and story telling. 13 blind students, their families, friends and local authorities participated in a session for experience sharing and presentation of the Preparatory School. The participants came from different localities in the region. The youngest of them is three years old and just about to start the education process. A seven year old boy with his family visited the project and decided to join the school in August. He will be a great company for Wiliany who already stays with us. Our student Adriano showed all his independence and responsibility taking up a big part of the work involved in organizing a public event. Some of our adult students joined the event to help with the organization, others visited for the first time and are interested in joining the project during the weekend workshops we offer to blind adults.

For the students already living in the school, it was an opportunity to invite their family members and show their progress to those who are still reluctant to join. Local authorities and interested professionals had the chance to get more information about our work and see the first results.

The event helped to establish contacts between parents of blind children. Current and potential students came together and the community gained a better understanding about the Preparatory School and the possibilities of blind people. This summer camp would not have been possible without the support of the community which contributed with food items and practical support.

In July, the project closes its doors for the holidays. Students return to their families. My colleague and I take some days off and use the rest of the month for visits, evaluation and planning of the second semester.

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