Traveling Bats

Students during the conferenceFrom September 3rd to 7th, I traveled to Teresina, the capital of the neighbouring state of Piaui to participate in a conference on computer technology for the blind. For me, this was an opportunity to create networks with interested teachers and other professionals. They told me about their challenges working with blind students in their schools and communities and I shared my ideas on independence of the blind. Of course it was also a good platform to increase visibility of the Bats in Action Preparatory School in the region.

Four of my older students joined me on the journey and enjoyed the new experience to travel without the support of a sighted person. They learned a lot about the possibilities computer technology opens up for the blind and shared experiences with other blind people. Though they have been learning independent movement for a relatively short time, they were able to walk around the conference area on their own, different from most blind participants who moved around in long rows guided by a sighted volunteer. The group from Ubajara got quickly known as the newcomers who surprised the blind community with their independdence and initiative.

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