Make Our New House a Home

Christmas is approaching, though the high temperatures don^^t quite fit into the Season. Our kids have their exams to finish the school year and the adults have already left for the holidays. As a closing event, we spent a day at
the beach, a fun experience for everyone, students and their families.

The new house

Our early Christmas present was our new house which will provide more space for classrooms, an office and accomodation for volunteers. In addition, the new house will be more accessible by car and especially to our student who uses a wheelchair. However, it will need renovation and equipment to become a new home for our school and those who want to spend some time with us. We need to replace the roof, install a water storage and organize the inside of the house.

In order to raise the funds for the renovation, our supporting association in Germany, Bats in Action Förderverein Heideck, started a croudfunding campaign. Please support us through your donation or by sharing the link in your networks. Even a small contribution makes a big difference.
For more details please visit the German project page ausbau-eines-lernzentrums-fur-blinde-in-brasilien

On behalf of our students, I wish all of you a happy Christmas and all the best for the new year!

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